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Famous singer and model Dua Lipa is one of the names that came to the agenda of social media. Dua Lipa's social media account began to talk with the photo sharing. Dua Lipa, who drew herself and her clothes in her posts for her followers, was on the agenda of the magazine. So who is Dua Lipa? Where is he from and how old is he? Married?
Dua Lipa, who is also a songwriter besides singing, has won three Grammy awards so far.

Dua Lipa, who was a model before starting her music career, released her first album in 2015, two years after signing a deal with Warner Music Group.

The famous singer, who is 1.73 meters tall, made pop music as vocals and made his name on the most listened list.

Apart from the Grammy she won, Dua Lipa was nominated for various music awards in her music career and won some of them.

Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995 in London, the capital of England.

The famous singer, who is 26 years old today, was 21 when he released his first album in 2017.

It is known that Dua Lipa, who is originally from Kosovo Albanian, immigrated to Kosovo with her family in 2006 after being born in London.

Returning to London in 2014, Dua Lipa started to take her first steps for her professional music career.
Dua Lipa is not married.

In 2019, she entered into a relationship with model Anwar Hadid. Dua Lipa's public relationship ended in 2022.
Dua Lipa's albums are as follows;

Dua Lipa

* Future Nostalgia

* Dua Lipa's singles;

* New Love

* Be the One

* Last Dance

* Hotter Than Hell

* Blow Your Mind

* Scared to be Lonely

* Lost in Your Light

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